Reviews of My Mother’s Choice

Ali Mercer on publication day for My Mother's Choice

‘This a completely emotional read, that will definitely hook you in to the story, to the dramas, to the secrets, to uncovering the truth! It’s so well written and is full of suspense that just keeps you wanting to read more!’ @ReviewingMum The Book Reviewing Mum

‘This is a fabulous and emotional read that had me reeled in’ @Curlupwithbooks Curled Up With A Good Book

‘a family drama with an ending that is simply superb, altogether a very powerful, different and heartbreaking read’ @bicted Splashes into Books

‘I was glued to My Mother’s Choice from the very beginning and I had no idea where it would lead.’ @StressedRach Stressed Rach

‘I fell right into this enthralling book and didn’t willingly resurface for most of the day… cunningly plotted and brilliantly paced.’ Books & Bindings

‘I never saw the ending coming at all… It just ripped my heart out! Yes, I admit I did tear up!’ @Heidilynn_reads Heidi Lynn’s Book Reviews

‘The book had feels, but what surprised and delighted me was a hidden mystery in the family along with twists which captured my thriller-y heart completely.’  @Shalini_G26 Shalini’s Books & Reviews

My Mother’s Choice is a poignant story of life’s losses and share of melancholy, but it’s also a testament to repairing emotionally broken bridges and ultimate acceptance.’ @giascribes GiaScribes

‘This story has it all, heartbreak, gripping, emotional and even had me crying!’ @mrsreadalot2017 Readingthroughthelookinglass

‘A beautiful story about a family being ripped apart, secrets being revealed, guilt and grief.’ @BookreviewB B for Bookreview

‘the ending is emotional and tragic as the truth is revealed… will pull at the heartstrings’ @musingstiredmum Loopyloulaura

‘Ali Mercer’s style of writing is very engaging and she constantly had me guessing about which way the story would go.’ @CorinneBlogs Corinne Rodrigues | Booksnista

‘The story unfolds piece by piece and the tension and suspense ride along, ramping up as we read along with Dani… An absolute tearjerker… My first Ali Mercer book and it certainly won’t be the last.’ @ShazzieRimmel Sharon Beyond the Books

copies of My Mother's Choice by Ali MercerHUGE thank you to all the bloggers who have read and supported my books.

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