My new novel out now!

All I remember is the screeching of brakes and the sound of tyres swerving on tarmac. The last thought that crossed my mind was of my beautiful boy Billy, waiting alone at the school gates…

Here’s where you can buy my latest novel, A Child’s Goodbye, on Amazon.  It’s available in Kindle ebook, Audible audiobook and paperback, and you can order it from all good bookshops.

My novels A Child’s Goodbye, The Family I Lost, The Marriage Lie, My Mother’s Choice, His Secret Family and Lost Daughter, all published by Bookouture, have sold more than 274,000 copies and have all been Amazon UK Kindle top 100 bestsellers. To date, more than 18.3 million pages of my novels have been read in Kindle Unlimited. Each book is available in a range of formats: Kindle, paperback and Audible audiobook. You can order the paperbacks online or from any UK bookshop that has access to Gardners wholesalers, which should include most independent booksellers.

You can find out more about me and my writing on my About page.

Here’s what Bookouture commissioning editor Kelsie Marsden had to say about my writing: ‘Ali is a fabulous writer. She has a real talent for getting to the heart of a story and nobody writes families like she does! Readers love the unbelievable drama and heartfelt emotion in Ali’s books and there’s plenty more of that to come!’

The Family I Lost

There are two little girls in the photo. I instantly recognise myself as the small, dark-haired child in the purple dress. But who is the girl with the long blonde hair laughing at the camera? And why is the photograph here, in a stranger’s house?

The Family I Lost is about a dark family secret and the complicated relationships between mothers and daughters. You can find out what readers thought of it on my The Family I Lost reviews page. Here’s The Family I Lost on Amazon.

His Secret Family

cover of His Secret FamilyHis Secret Family was a UK Amazon Charts, Kindle and Bookstat ebook chart #1 bestseller. It’s an emotional family drama with a secret at its heart, and opens with a wedding that takes an unexpected turn when interrupted by two uninvited guests. You can check out what readers have been saying about it on my His Secret Family reviews page. Here’s His Secret Family on Amazon.

Lost Daughter

Lost Daughter is about Rachel, whose life has unravelled since her husband has been given custody of their young daughter Becca after a messy break-up. You can check out readers’ responses to the book on my Lost Daughter reviews page. Here’s Lost Daughter on Amazon.

My Mother’s Choice

My Mother’s Choice is about teenage Dani’s quest to find out what really happened to her mother. She has always assumed that nobody talks about Laura because they are sad about her. But what if it’s because they are guilty? Here’s where you can read readers’ reviews of My Mother’s Choice and here’s My Mother’s Choice on Amazon.

The Marriage Lie

cover of The Marriage LieThe Marriage Lie opens with Stella’s handsome husband Rob taking her out for lunch on her 40th birthday, only to drop a bombshell on her. He wants a divorce, and he wants custody of their fourteen-year-old daughter Georgie, and if she doesn’t agree to his terms he’s going to make sure Georgie finds out the secret Stella has worked so hard to protect her from. Here are some highlights from readers’ reviews of The Marriage Lie, and here’s The Marriage Lie on Amazon.

Here’s Bookouture publishing director Kathryn Taussig on my writing: ‘It’s such a rare thing to find an author who can write family drama well, and for this reason I’m over the moon to be publishing Ali Mercer. Her writing is beautiful, thoughtful and moving. Her characters are believably flawed and yet endlessly relatable and her stories are engrossing.’

Bookouture commissioning editor Cara Chimirri said this about my books: ‘I am such a fan of her beautiful writing and the way she can tell the most emotionally impactful stories with the lightest of touches. I can’t wait to get more of her brilliant novels into the hands of her existing fans and also bring them to new readers everywhere.’