His Secret Family

‘An enthralling family drama told from four female perspectives that reveals a story that is emotional, honest, poignant and shocking.’ @Jolliffe03 Jane Hunt Writer

‘An honest and emotional story…. Life is messy, it is imperfect, and no one‘s intentions are always pure. This is the tale of two mothers, three daughters, and the lies and deceptions that bind them together.’ @BeritnBooks Audio Killed the Bookmark

‘Every once in a while you pick up a book and find yourself thoroughly hooked right from the start… If you are a fan of books by Kate Hewitt with her signature emotionally heartbreaking stories and maybe even a touch of Nicholas Sparks thrown in, then you will definitely want to add Ali Mercer’s His Secret Family to your reading list.’ @SinfullyWickedB Sinfully Wicked Book Reviews

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‘There was great character development… twists and turns that took me by surprise! I am looking forward to reading more from Ali Mercer in the future!’ @stephandchrisbr Steph and Chris’s Book Review

‘A journey filled with misunderstandings, one where relationships are the key and honesty is in question. It is a page turner and a story I didn’t want to put down until I’d discovered all those secrets’ @bicted Splashes Into Books

‘Ali Mercer has that on on-target ability to lock in your emotions from her first sentence and her stories stay with you long after the book is finished.’ @giascribes giascribes

‘The story is told through the eyes of different characters. This gives the reader an excellent tour inside the heads of those people… I never would have thought the author would take me on this road, but I am glad she did.’ @BookreviewB B for Bookreview

‘Cleverly and effectively interweaves the viewpoints of Paula, Jenny, Ava and Ellie… allows us to become emotionally attached to the characters and understand their motivations. Excellent!’ @musingstiredmum Loopyloulaura

‘Such a compelling read. Ms. Mercer writes an affecting story, allowing readers to be drawn into the delicate lives of these characters, all the while hoping beyond hope that they would all find a happy future. With so many issues touched on…this was a superb read.’ @robint1260 Robin Loves Reading

‘More family drama than a prime-time soap opera!! In fact, this is one book I would love to see on the big screen! I know it would be a box office hit! This book was filled with lies, secrets, infidelities, tragedy, shocking moments, twists and turns, family, and weddings. So many times in this book my heart went out to so many people for so many reasons… Ali Mercer in my eyes is an incredible storyteller!’ Heidi_Lynn’s Book Reviews

‘Yes it has drama by the bucketload but it has so much more… covers many touchy subjects with a delicate hand… All was captured perfectly with a quote in Chapter 22. “That was life, I had begun to realise: life was what happened in the space between what you wanted and what you got.”’ @melanie05783871 Melanie’s reads

‘The level of the deceit that one of the characters goes to to maintain their secret is truly shocking but sadly not surprising… I had to keep reading to see if the story panned out as I suspected it would… The further into the story I got, the more I wanted to read and the quicker the pages were turning’  @Ginger_bookgeek Ginger Book Geek

‘What we have here is basically a very juicy and cleverly written cautionary tale of what traps to avoid in the winding road of dating, marriage and men in general!’ @janjanmel Jan’s Book Buzz

About His Secret Family

You love him, but can you trust him?

It’s a beautiful day for a wedding. White roses scent the air and the summer sunlight streams in. A spoon chimes against a champagne flute and the room falls silent. And there he is – my husband – getting to his feet to propose a toast. He’s still handsome. His new wife is next to him, gazing upwards, oblivious.

I’m not supposed to be here. All these years in the same town and I had no idea until I saw his name on the seating plan. He lived with me, once. Loved me. Small-town memories are long, but the people in this room don’t want to remember.

They say the healing is in letting go, but after what he did, he needs to know we haven’t gone away just because he’s shut his eyes.

So I take Daisy by the hand and step forward from the shadows. He notices us and his eyes widen. The champagne glass falls from his hand and smashes. Then he sags forward, making a terrible sound – a sort of strangled scream…

A powerfully emotional novel with a dark secret at its heart. This family drama will keep you hooked until the very last page. Perfect for fans of The Silent Wife, We Were Mothers and Jodi Picoult.