Lost Daughter

‘Gosh, this one pulls at the heartstrings! There were so many things that touched me in this book.’ Suze Reviews

‘Heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. Wonderful writing by Ali Mercer…’ The Bookwormery

Lost Daughter is available in Kindle ebook, paperback and audiobook, and is free with Kindle Unlimited. Here’s where you can buy it on Amazon. If you enjoy it, it would be great if you could leave a review!

‘This story is an emotional rollercoaster…’ Jane Hunt Writer

‘Fascinating and compelling’ Just 4 My Books

‘This book totally hooked me and engrossed me’ Sibzzreads

‘really emotional to read… left a lump in my throat’ Loopyloulaura

‘shows that we should never judge anyone without knowing the full story’ Sandie’s Book Shelves

‘a heartbreaking story and yet at the same time also uplifting’ Sinfully Wicked Book Reviews

‘a book of self-discovery, friendships and relationships… It made me sad, it made me angry and it also made me happy – it honestly took me through a rollercoaster of emotions’ StardustBookReviews

‘A lovely, thought-provoking read full of heartache and sadness but also a glimmer of hope in the form of a beautiful friendship developing between these three women’ Book Reviews for u

‘An emotional story about loss, love, friendship, lies and betrayal.’ B for Bookreview

‘It was about human nature with its strengths and flaws. A good read.’ Shalini’s Books & Reviews

‘A riveting, moving story that immediately captivated me’ giascribes

‘This book moved me to tears more than once. It was an incredibly captivating story.’ BookBathBrew

About Lost Daughter

You’ve lost everything you’ve ever loved, and it’s all your fault… isn’t it?

Rachel’s life isn’t perfect, but she’s so happy. Her husband Mitch has stuck by her and he’s an amazing dad. Her daughter Becca makes her heart explode with love.

And then, in the blink of an eye, there’s no longer a place for Rachel in her own family. Her heart has been broken: her right to see her beloved daughter has been taken away.

Life goes on in Rachel’s home – family dinners, missing socks and evening baths – but she’s shut out from it. Becca may be tucked up in bed in Rose Cottage, but she is as lost to Rachel as if she had been snatched from under her nose.

Rachel can never forgive herself for what happened that day, and the part she played in it. But she’s starting to realise that things aren’t how she thought they were, and her husband Mitch isn’t who she thought he was either. The truths she has been punishing herself for are built on sand. Has she lost sweet Becca forever, or could finding out what really happened finally bring her back?